Quest for Space Program

Students in TEECS’ 9th grade class have begun work on designing an experiment to be launched to the International Space Station in February. This program is being carried out in collaboration with the Quest Institute For Space, a revolutionary organization which allows students to design, implement, and analyze data from real-life experiments conducted in microgravity.

This year, in particular, the focus of the experimental design is on heat transfer in 0-G environments. Running heat experiments in microgravity to find more efficient ways to dispersing heat on board the ISS not only helps solve current pressing issues but the process of brainstorming, implementing, testing, and drawing conclusions can relate to a life-time of inspiration for making a difference in our world. 




The experiment has been completed and submitted to the Quest program. The experiment will be launched to the International Space Station on Spacex Mission 14, in mid-March. More updates then!