Who can I contact if I have a question or concern?

Our Lead Administrative Staff is always available to hear your questions and concerns. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Rajasri Govindaraju, Curriculum Supervisor/Special Education; Mr. Alkin Sukan, Instructional Technology Coordinator; or Mr. Oguz Yildiz, Lead Person. Our Lead Administrative Staff may be contacted by emailing admin@energysmartschool.org.

How can I customize or make changes to my child’s lunch options?

You may logon to the MealTime Online system we have available on the school website at https://www.mymealtime.com/signin.aspx or you may contact our meal provider directly at maschio@energysmartschool.org.

How can I join the PTO or contact someone on the PTO?

The PTO is open to all parents and always welcomes new members. You may contact them about joining or any concerns or questions you have by emailing pto@energysmartschool.org.

How do I find out about the afterschool programs available at the school?

On the school website under the drop down menu Documents you will find a listing of clubs with their descriptions, the club schedule and policy, and a link for Community Pass to sign up and make payments.

What is the procedure if I need to pick my child up early from school?

For security purposes, we require notification for all early pickups. Please send an email to your child’s teacher as well as the main office (info@energysmartschool.org), so that we may alert our security staff of your arrival. Upon arrival, please check in at the security desk in the main building. Security will have your child ready at the appropriate time or escort you to the appropriate building.

What are TEECS’ achievements over the last 3 years and how is the school ranked?

You can view TEECS’ report card from the state at the following link:


Can you describe the Middle School College Access Mentoring Program (CAMP)?

CAMP is offered to our 6th graders. It is an opportunity to encourage great academic skills and to nurture a fully developed student with a strong curiosity towards knowledge. Success is not only about achieving perfect scores, most of the time those who have the most success have a great personality as well. We realize that our school has strong potential in terms of academics, but we also want to step forward and create a well-rounded graduation resume for top colleges when that time comes.

CAMP consists of multiple disciplines and activities combined into one package by working in small groups with the mentorship of a TEECS Volunteer Teacher. Each Mentoring group will have approximately 3-4 students and the Volunteer Mentor Teachers will follow the CAMP curriculum with a CAMP Coordinator. This program will evolve with developing and continuously improving curriculum and instructional system.

Are there opportunities for the younger grades to participate in competitions?

TEECS offers NANO, JrFLL and VEX IQ for the younger grades starting at 1st grade.

Where can I find the teachers’ Parent Communication Policy, Homework Policy, Grading Policy, Curriculum, Unit Plans and Syllabi?

All parents can view their student’s teacher information on our website at www.energysmartschool.org under the drop down menu Academics under Curriculum.

How do I signup to use Maschio’s lunch-time payment system?

In an effort to expedite the process at lunch allowing the students more time to eat, we are asking all parents to use the online lunch system through Maschio’s. Maschio’s is starting to phase out cash and check payments at the lunch line. Processing checks and cash have caused too many delays – not providing enough time for all students to eat a proper lunch. Below are the instructions on how to set up your account.

How do parents get to the online set-up?

Parents may go to the school website, go under the Lunch and Breakfast tab, select the mealtime online button, and then create new profile. Follow the prompts to create a new profile. Make sure to select State (NJ), look for our school and click on the plus sign to select our school right underneath.

How do parents make a deposit?

Once signed in, parents can click on the icon Make a Deposit.

How can parents set-up reminders for a low account?

When parents create a new profile, there is an option that can be selected for notifications of low balance. It can be set for any amount. Maschio’s suggests that you keep it at $10.00.

How can a parent add other restrictions/notes for their child?

Any other restrictions or notes a parent may want on their child’s account can be emailed to Mrs. Allison at jallison@energysmartschool.org. Please include your student’s name and grade, along with the notes you would like on the account.  

Why did TEECS stop teaching cursive writing?

Thomas Edison EnergySmart Charter School has decided not to teach Cursive Writing, as the standardized tests require students to master their computer and typing skills. The Common Core Standards are intense and the curriculum is packed and leaves the teachers with no time to teach cursive writing in addition to typing skills. However, if parents are interested in teaching cursive writing, the links provided below can be useful:



If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to email them to FAQ@energysmartschool.org.