RoboSmart ranks 10th at the World Championship

Tens of thousands of people from across the world converged on Detroit, MI for the FIRST Championship at Cobo Center last week.
Among them were our high school robotics team RoboSmart proudly representing State of New Jersey. In spite of being a rookie team they placed 10th place in their division among 64 FIRST Tech Challenge(FTC) teams.
FIRST helps inspire young people to be science and technology leaders in the world. In all, there were more than 15,000 students in grades K-12 from 25 states and 45 countries, along with their custom-built robots.
Gov. Rick Snyder, also a Host Committee co-chair, welcomed FIRST Championship to Detroit.
“To all the participants, I want to thank you for what you’re going to do in the future. If you look at the world, a couple of things are happening. One, the world is only going to become more global. Two, the rate of change is only going to go faster and faster. To be ready to go faster and faster, we need the best people in the world excited about STEM, and that’s who you are,” he said.
Go TEECS Robotics! Go!