Infomatrix 2018 Results

<p>TEECS 7th grade student and rising star Aashay Sankhe competed at the Infomatrix 2018 robotics competition in Romania. The judged categories included: lego line follower, line follower, lego sumo, and mini sumo. Aashay chose to compete in the lego sumo category. Within this category, two robots were required to fight in a black, circular ring outlined with white tape. When a piece of either robot exceeded the tape, that robot is considered out, and has lost the match. The competition begins with a series of group battles, during which several contestants were eliminated.</p>
<p>The competition then moved on to the finals, where the verdict for the winner was decided. Aashay took home the coveted silver medal in the competition, finishing as 8th greatest in the world, representing the United States of America. Aashay’s triumph rains torrents of equal parts honor and glory on the entire TEECS family. Great job, Aashay!</p>