Distance Learning

Distance Learning FAQs


How can a parent best prepare their home to accommodate remote learning?

Some of the advice from our teachers is to best replicate as much of your child’s learning experience as possible. This would include things like setting up a specific spot in the house for schoolwork, preferably someplace quiet with not so many distractions. If possible, have the child follow the same schedule daily. It is even a good idea to have them follow their regular class schedule so that they can feel comfortable with the routine. A common suggestion from many teachers was to set timers. Use the teacher’s guidelines on how long a certain assignment should take and let the child know how long they will have to work on a given assignment. That way students know that they should be making the most of their time.


What should parents be sure they are doing each “school day”?

In keeping with their normal school day schedules, students should wake up in the morning around the start of when their school would normally begin. They can start a routine of eating breakfast, getting dressed and getting themselves prepared for home instruction. Some teachers even suggest a little light exercise to get them moving and active to be able to work effectively. In particular with older students (middle and high school) make sure they are getting up early enough to complete the work they have been assigned for any given day. It could be easy to fall into a routine that seems like a vacation, however with home instruction it is important that students are completing their work.


How can I use my child’s teacher as a resource? What should I be asking?

Anything they need help with! Teachers in our school and everywhere are trying their best to adjust to this new and different format. Along with that has come a lot of patience! Even the smallest question might be necessary to help you with home instruction for yourchild. Certainly clarify anything you are unsure about with your child’s teacher. It’s also important to follow up with your child’s teacher about their work submission, if your child is older and working more independently. If it seems like your child is taking too long to complete the work, it’s always good to ask for a timeframe in order to set guidelines and know where they need help.


What are some ways parents could ensure their children keep active at home?

While home instruction is important, students do need a break here and there to reset. Take advantage of nice weather days and have them play outside. If they are not keen on playing by themselves, than you can go for a family walk. For students that are more glued to the television for leisure, our physical education teacher suggests, do a different short exercise during every commercial break. This ensures there is at least some physical activity throughout the day.


What are some websites that my child can use that would be educational?

Over the last week, there have been many education companies that have offered free subscriptions from previously paid websites. These are great opportunities for home
learning. Sites such as BrainPop, Scholastic, Khan Academy, Circle Time, Duolingo, and many more. Our teachers suggest using as many of these platforms as possible while they are free to the public.


What can parents do if their students are anxious or stressed out due to Covid 19?

The Mental Health Association of NJ has decided to open up their Disaster Mental Health Helpline to assist for those feeling stressed, anxious or depressed due to COVID-19.


Please call (877)294- HELP (4357) for emotional support, guidance and mental health referrals as needed and spread this information as relevant within your networks.


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