TEECS Rocket Team Makes a Splash and Soars) at High School Rocket Launch Competition!

TEECS Rocket Team Makes a Splash and Soars) at High School Rocket Launch Competition!

Congratulations to the TEECS High School Student Lead Club Rocket Team on their successful launch at the competition in Sheboygan, Wisconsin on May 11th, 2024!

Highlights of the Competition:

  • National Stage: The competition featured 27 teams from across the United States, making it a prestigious national event.
  • New Jersey Shines: TEECS was one of only 2 teams from New Jersey, proving the state’s strength in aerospace!
  • Months of Dedication: The team’s hard work and meticulous design process over several months culminated in a successful launch.
  • Teamwork on the Water: Early in the morning, students cleverly divided themselves into two boat teams named “TEECS-SYLPH” (a great name that combines “air spirit” with the students’ initials). They skillfully sailed on Lake Michigan to retrieve rockets that landed on the water, showcasing their teamwork and resourcefulness.
  • SYLPH Soars: At 1:44 pm, the moment of truth arrived! The TEECS team successfully launched their rocket, SYLPH, into the clear skies with some light clouds above Sheboygan.
  • Meeting Space Heroes: Students had the inspiring opportunity to meet and learn from:
    • John Eckhart from NASA (more information about his specific title/role at NASA would be even better)
    • Dr. Don Thomas, a renowned astronaut, scientist, speaker, educator, and author of “Orbit of Discovery,” which chronicles his experiences aboard the space shuttle Discovery. Dr. Thomas shared fascinating insights from his impressive career, including his four space missions, 44 days spent in space, and nearly 700 times orbiting Earth.

The Rockets For Schools program is a fantastic initiative that provides U.S. students with invaluable opportunities to:

  • Gain hands-on experience in aerospace technology
  • Conduct scientific experiments
  • Witness real-life space launches

Student teams participating in the program build rockets equipped with powerful motors and design scientific payloads to fly within their rockets. They also present their experiments orally and visually at the event.

This competition was undoubtedly an enriching experience for the TEECS Rocket Team, solidifying their passion for space exploration and inspiring them to achieve even greater heights in the future!

This achievement wouldn’t be possible without the incredible students, supportive parents, and dedicated coaches of the TEECS Rocket Team. Congratulations to all!

TEECS Rocket Team Makes a Splash and Soars) at High School Rocket Launch Competition!