World Language Day at TEECS 2024

World Language Day at TEECS 2024

Today, TEECS celebrated World Language Day (aka International Mother Language Day). This is a worldwide annual observance held in February to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity.

This is always a momentous occasion celebrated at TEECS as our student body is quite diverse. Our teachers worked with their students to turn the Learning Center into a melting pot of different cultures. They put together a celebration of the countries represented throughout our school. Countries such as the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Ecuador, Mexico, India, Turkey and Nigeria were among some of the countries represented.

The room was decorated top to bottom for each country, presentations were given about the cultures and popular tourist attractions, everyone including parent volunteers dressed in the attire suited to their country, dances were performed and food was brought in to share among all the participants.

Mrs. Ghosh, TEECS’ Middle & High School Curriculum Supervisor said, “Congratulations, Ms. Rey and Ms. Stephan! A great effort by both of you and your students. The decor, program, costume, and food were all great, and the students and teachers learned a lot about the culture and enjoyed it thoroughly. Special thanks to all the parents who volunteered, provided us with food and supported us.”

World Language Day at TEECS 2023-24